Redwood Nursery

What Parents Say About Us...

- Academic program and activities
Redwood scored high under this criteria because of their strong academic program and the variety of activities which kids are exposed to. Well organized in both times and type of classes. Also under this criteria, we have evaluated instructors and administrations qualifications. Redwood demonstrated its international standard for selecting their staff. Size of classrooms and attention to kids and are also strength points at Redwood.

- Facility and Safety
Redwood pays attention to details when it comes to kids playground area and material used in classrooms. Well maintained facility with large spaces and variety of classrooms. The campus is well secured with electronic doors and other related measures.

- Distance form home
Although Redwood is not the nearest to us, we prefer to enroll Alia at Redwood for the educational and behavioral quality expected.

- Interaction with parents

Redwood have a solid systematic way of reporting and communicating with parents regarding their child performance and educational outcome. Redwood adopts a partnership model with the parents which result in better outcomes for the kids.

I will visit Redwood today to complete the registration process. We appreciate and value our partnership.

Sultan Al-Obeidli

Khalifa City A
September 20 2017

First of all thank you for the huge effort the infant team has been making to improve communication with myself and husband. We have had a lovely time reading how she has been doing each week and have tried to copy some of the same activities you have been doing at home so that she becomes more and more familiar. It has really helped me to see what a lovely experience our child is having every day and we thank you for that.

Victoria Collinson

February 13 2017

Dear all,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your flexibility and accommodations towards our requests thus far...payment options, class/day availability, teacher request.

My 19 month old son just began with Redwood last week. In only one week I've seen an incredible increase in his independence, creativity and focus. My child is in Miss Lisi's class and I couldn't be happier with how she's fun and loving while at the same time providing firm structure and guidance with my child.

On top of my child's recent performance increase, I have also experienced nothing but excellent customer service from all of the admin staff. I truly feel the team energy with everyone in the office with the goal to assure we as parents feel 100% with having our children attend Redwood.

I was recommended to send my child to Redwood by SO many mommies as my child was growing up and now that he's in there, I can see why!!!! And I will continue the positive recommendations to any and all future mommies as well.

Thank you again!

Dearest regards,
Jessica Lehr

26 January 2017

Dear Redwood,

Thank you for the beautiful cookies that my son brought home today.I’m surprised he did not already eat them – they look and are tasty!

Big thank you also from me for giving such brilliant and stimulating days to my son. I could not have done it without your nursery. His fun and developing time means everything to me when I cannot be there myself all the time.

Big thanks!

11 May 2016

Dear Julie and all,

I’m thrilled to let you know that Badr has been accepted to West Yas! I’m so happy and i want to thank you all again for your support in getting his report done so fast.

The best thing about Redwood is its wonderful caring staff. Your goodness will always be remembered.

Wafaa Al Yafei

18 April 2016

Our child had a fantastic time at Redwood and Nikki is an amazing person. Our child made a huge progress within the last half a year and the JPS class played a huge role in her life. She had not even one day we’re she did not wanted to go, instead she jumps at 6:00 am out of the bed and shouts “are we going to kindergarten”.

We will miss you heavily, but still we will have some great moments with you during the summer camp!


30 June 2015

I wanted to thank you all for being such smiley, enthusiastic and wonderful people and teachers. The best way I can say it is by saying, my child never asked to stay home from school! Everyday it was a school day he was very happy to go. You obviously created a learning environment where he felt happy and safe. Also where he knew he would have lots of fun!! It was wonderful to hear my child’s daily school updates and watch him develop over the past year.

Please also forward my thanks to all the other happy smiling staff at Redwood Nursery KCA. The was never a day where I encountered a ‘unsmiling’ or unhelpful person.

You are truly a team of professional and lovely people. Knowing that my child was in your care made the life of this working mum a much less stressful one!

For that I can never thank you enough.


30 June 2015

To Adam’s lovely teachers and all Redwood staff,

I would like to thank you all for the support and great experience we had with Redwood Nursery.

It was such a great journey with Redwood nursery, the experience we had with redwood starting from the services provided, dedication of the teacher’s and the treatment provided was outstanding.

I would like to thank you, and Redwood Management for the high quality and great support you have provided for my son Adam during the last couple of years


16 June 2015